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We love answering questions!
Almost as much as we love playing games.

If the answers below don't have you covered,
find us on our Discord and fire away!

  • When does the next episode come out and how do I get it?
    Next Monday! Unless today is Monday, in which case: Surprise, it’s That Time! You can listen to the latest episode or start at the beginning of our adventure via this site’s Podcast page or subscribe (and leave a review!) at… …Apple Podcasts… …Spotify… …Podcast Addict… …or wherever you get your podcasts. Alternatively, if you prefer to go straight to the source, here’s our RSS feed.
  • Can I watch you instead of just listening?
    Not by staring in our windows, please? We post clips of our weekly episodes of our free flagship show The Roots of Ruin on our YouTube channel – so you can get a few snack-sized samples over there, alongside video feeds from our Godmaker streams on Twitch. And we post video of our premium shows to YouTube as well -- those are available as rewards for most members of our Patreon.
  • How do you make the show?
    Short answer: Lars! Longer answer: We record the show via a video call while viewing our gamespace in Foundry Virtual Tabletop -- for our first 125 or so episodes, we each recorded our own local audio and then uploaded it to a shared folder on the web, though more recently we've been trialing standalone products that record and save synced audio via a standalone web app. Anyway, once each audio file exists they all get sent to Lars, who waves his Staff of Audio Production (Major), casts a Level 17 “Make an Episode of The Roots of Ruin,” and conjures an episode that makes it seem like none of us ever says “um.” It’s a solid setup.
  • Who makes your music?
    Short answer: Lars! Longer answer: Lars composes a lot of the music you hear on the show, from the audio drops to the scoring – and also identifies royalty-free music to fill in some gaps. If you hear something and it speaks to you (i.e., “SLAPS”), Lars probably made it.
  • How do you make all those wild monster voices? And how can I make them for my own game at home?
    Short answer: Lars! Lars has a background in music production, so he uses a ton of different audio processing plugins he's acquired through the years to design the different voices. This means that unfortunately there isn't a single standalone piece of software we’re using that you'd be able to use in your home game. But: If you ever want to talk music or audio production with Lars and the rest of our listeners, please come find us on Discord and ask away!
  • How can I support the show?
    It’s kind of you to ask! Alongside listening to the show – which is a huge thrill for us on its own – here are a couple of things that are always helpful to us: Join our Patreon! Our Patreon offers you access to our premium podcast feed, The Gold Mine, for just $5/month, access to premium video for $10/mo, or find all kinds of other awesome rewards at higher tiers, in our shop, or for as little as $1/month. Check Join our Discord! Our Discord community – the Golden Horde? the Friends of Hoot? howsoever they’ve self-branded today — are the best community in TTRPG podcasting and we love them and we also do our best to say hello and join the fun. Our Discord has tons of channels to chat about the latest episodes, share things you’ve made or eaten or read about, submit ideas and contributions for the show, and get excited for the latest Paizo releases. Come join the fun! Leave a five-star review! This is the #1 way for us to reach more listeners. You can leave a review on… …Apple Podcasts… …Spotify… …Google Podcasts… …Stitcher… …Podcast Addict… …or wherever you get your podcasts.
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